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Last week we announced a massive update to our skincare ethical comparison rankings. If you haven’t already checked out the new rankings, make sure you do so as there were some big changes.

Following the release of the new skincare tables, we have another exciting announcement. We’re extremely pleased to announce that Neal’s Yard Remedies has re-attained Ethical Accreditation, after successfully passing our annual independent audit.

A true pioneer in the natural beauty market, Neal’s Yard originally launched over 35 years ago. The company has now also successfully re-attained Ethical Accreditation for the 3rd consecutive year, receiving a top-ranking ECI of 100.

If you’re just being introduced to Neal’s Yard, we recently reviewed a list of their skincare products which you can find here. In short, we found that in addition to a perfect Ethical Company Index in The Good Shopping Guide, Neal’s Yard skincare products also rate overwhelmingly positive among consumers. It is a skincare brand whose products are truly ethical, guilt-free and of tremendous quality. You can find their ethical comparison ranking in the SkincareSun ProtectionMake-upVitaminsSoapShampoo & Conditioner sections of our ethical shopping guide.

Indeed, Neal’s Yard has the world’s largest collection of Soil Association certified, organic health and beauty products. They have been strong supporters of a ban on neonicotinoids – a group of powerful pesticides, widely recognized by experts for being at the heart of a rapid decline in bee populations across the world. In fact, one of the most comprehensive pieces of scientific research was just released, and it concludes ‘strong’ evidence of a direct link between neonicotinoids and the decline of the global bee population. If you care to know more, you can find the original research here and here.

As one of the main insect pollinators, bees are an essential part of our ecosystem and are said to be responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. In 2011, Neal’s Yard launched a campaign to help Save the Bees and has already donated over £80,000 to bee-friendly causes. This month Neal’s Yard has launched a new product to their Bee Lovely range. 3% of sales of their Bee Lovely All Over Balm will be donated to bee-supporting charities, helping to support over 500 bees per product sold. For further information see this link.

You can learn more and purchase Neal’s Yard products here. Also follow them on Twitter (@NYR_Official).

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