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Following the success of the Adidas ocean plastic shoe, the sportswear brand has announced plans to stop using virgin polyester for all shoes and clothing.

As part of a company push to increase the sustainability of its supply chain, Adidas has committed to using only recycled polyester by 2024. The company hasn’t made explicit the roadmap to achieving this target, with the transition to using recycled plastics a heavy project. The longer view will likely require the development of new refining techniques, as a means to reduce cost.

But the company is already on its way to proving its commitment to combating plastic waste, and that was highlighted by Eric Liedtke interview in the Financial Times. In 2016, Adidas replaced plastic bags in stores with paper ones. The company is also looking into how to best transition away from virgin plastics in all of its offices, warehouses, retail and distribution facilities.

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According to the current scores, Adidas is very close to ranking in the ethical column for footwear brands.

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