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It was ahead of Earth Day that Apple debuted a new robot named Daisy – a symbol of the company’s continued march toward improved environmental performance. Apple’s environmental ranking has been a focus of criticism in recent years, but Daisy’s debut comes at a time when the tech giant is emerging as a real environmental leader (other issues still remain, as disclosed by our latest research).

As part of the company’s ongoing recycling effort, Daisy is an upgrade on the previous robot named Liam (made with some of Liam’s old parts). It can more efficiently disassemble iPhones to recover valuable materials and precious metals, supporting programmes like GiveBack, where customers can return old devices in store or through to be recycled. These initiatives are part of Apple’s ongoing commitments to move toward the goal of producing leading tech products using only recycled or renewable materials.

Apple’s newest disassembly robot, Daisy, is the most efficient way to reclaim more of the valuable materials stored in iPhone. Created through years of R&D, Daisy incorporates revolutionary technology based on Apple’s learnings from Liam, its first disassembly robot launched in 2016. Daisy is made from some of Liam’s parts and is capable of disassembling nine versions of iPhone and sorting their high-quality components for recycling. Daisy can take apart up to 200 iPhone devices per hour, removing and sorting components, so that Apple can recover materials that traditional recyclers can’t — and at a higher quality.

Impressively, in addition to such recycling projects, which encourage customers to return their used kit for store credit or other perks – these policies should be considered as part of a bigger picture, such as in how the company’s global facilities are now powered by 100% renewable energy. It is through a multitude of actions and commitments that Apple has climbed in recent years from scoring very poorly to scoring top marks across all environmental categories in the mobile phone section of The Good Shopping Guide. Apple also recently scored the second-highest in Greenpeace’s sustainable tech league table. This is quite an accomplishment, and its shows the company is making genuine steps toward more sustainable practice.

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*You can review Apple’s ethical company index score here.

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