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Biodegradable Baby Products: Mama Bamboo

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Ethical Accreditation, Ethical Shopping Blog

The Good Shopping Guide is happy to announce that Mama Bamboo has attained our Ethical Company Award and a high ranking in our Ethical Nappies Rating Table. Mama Bamboo provide a range of eco-friendly nappies, baby wipes and other baby products, derived from bamboo and other FSC certified materials. 

Mama Bamboo aims to provide products for your child that ensures a sustainable future for them. This includes a high regard for the Environment, which is addressed in numerous ways, primarily through their usage of bamboo. Mama Bamboo uses Moso bamboo, grown in the mountains with far less water consumption or need for pesticides than cotton and other traditional nappy materials. Additionally, bamboo is 3x more effective as a carbon sink than any other tree of grass, making it the ideal crop for helping to lower CO2 and slowing climate change. In addition to this, Mama Bamboo is the only nappy company to use 100% compostable packaging, thus lessening the amount sent to landfills and complimenting their goal to achieve zero wastage by 2025.

In addition to environmental matters, Mama Bamboo also scored very well in our ethical audit on other areas. This includes scoring well in regards to Animal Welfare, due to no animal testing taking place and products being free from palm oil and its destructive production process. Furthermore, Mama Bamboo excelled in relation to our People-related criteria. Many factors contributed to this, including being a Living Wage employer, having a BSI certified ethical supply chain and various charitable ventures. These include sponsoring the Ugandan Bamboo Village to Platinum level, donating to the NSPCC & WWF every year, and matching every donation made to the children’s charity Little Village. 

Overall, Mama Bamboo excels in every area of the ethical audits and assessments required to be a recipient of an Ethical Company Award. Mama Bamboo is currently the only nappy brand to be Ethically Accredited by The Good Shopping Guide, however, have set the bar incredibly high for the rest of their industry, having made incredible progressive strides in their industry. We look forward to others following suit and ensuring that products produced for children are done so, without being at the expense of their planet and future, as Mama Bamboo has exemplified so well.


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