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More exciting news to in the skincare and soap sectors!

Bloomtown Botanicals, recently added to our research on skincare and soap brands and awarded a top-ranking 88 ECI, has successfully attained Ethical Accreditation!

Dedicated to creating beautifully scented, nourishing and sustainable goodies for bath, body and home, everything made by Bloomtown is definite a brand worthy of praise. All of their products are free from palm oil, palm-derived ingredients, sulfates, SLSs, parabens, phthalates, synthetic colours, detergents, wheat and animal products (except ethically harvested beeswax).

Their range includes soaps, hand & body wash, bath oils, face masks, lip balms and candles – all formulated and handcrafted in the UK with plant oils and botanical ingredients. Their products are never tested on animals or made with ingredients that have been. Their packaging is recyclable and they proudly donate a percentage of profits to environmental and animal rescue charities.

In addition to their long list of ethical credentials, aims and policies, Bloomtown ranks among the very top in our ethical comparison research. Having also now attained ethical accreditation, you can trust the Bloomtown message and know that their products are ethical and highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

You can learn more about the company and also purchase their extensive list of products on their website. Also be sure to follow and support them on twitter.

For more information on why Bloomtown is a leading ethical brand, review the updated skincare and soap sections of our ethical shopping guide.

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