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Earlier today we released a small update to the bottled water brand rankings.

Bottled water is, to put it tersly, controversial. The very premise of the plastic bottle is itself the focus of much debate, with plastic pollution a very serious concern today.

In terms of general sustainability, a recent study has broken down just how much energy is used at each step of the manufacturing process, and the resulting figures are staggering. For instance, the study estimated that it required 32 million to 54 million barrels of oil to generate the energy needed to produce the amount of bottled water consumed in 2007 in the United States alone.

You can learn more about these and other facts and figures in the bottled water section of The Good Shopping Guide.

Updated rankings

Meanwhile, the big news with the recent rankings update concerns the climb of Willow. In our latest research the brand received a top ranking 89 ECI.

The other noteworthy item is the re-accreditation of Highland Spring. An announcement on this will follow in the coming days.

In terms of how the brands we researched rank and compare for ethics, Highland Spring remains at the very top with a perfect 100 ECI. They are followed by Ballygowan, Life, One, Brecon Carreg, Willow, Harrogate, Hildon and Thirsty Planet. Of that list only Highland Spring and Brecon Carreg have ethical accreditation, meaning they are the two brands highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

At the bottom of the ethical index remains such popular brands as Badoit, Evian, Perrier, Pure Life and San Pellegrino (among others).

For a detailed breakdown of these ranking, see here.

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