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The other day we released a large rankings update to the bottled water section of The Good Shopping Guide. This update was based on our most recent independent research and ethical company report. You can read our blog about the update here, and also review the updated rankings here.

One of the positive announcements to make on the back of this new research is that Brecon Carreg, a top ranking and highly recommended brand, has been re-attained ethical accreditation. Accreditation is designed to ensure maximum transparency and to support ethical companies’ reputations and sales by clearly showing that the company is independently endorsed by the Ethical Company Organisation.

This announcement means that Brecon Carreg has attained independent ethical accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation for the second straight year.

Brecon Carreg – Ethical Brand

If you’re not yet familiar with the bottled water brand, here’s a little info:

Brecon Carreg mineral water comes from a pure and untouched source in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Brecon Carreg’s pure natural mineral water begins life as rain falling on the hills and valleys, which takes 15 years to filter through solid layers of limestone rock before finally making its way to the surface, where their team bottle it at the source. The water has a balanced mineral content and its low sodium content makes it suitable for a low sodium diet. Brecon Carreg is a close knit team of 30 and their genuine passion for the countryside that produces their water brings Brecon Carreg to life on a daily basis.

The Good Shopping Guide Recommendation

Scoring highly on the Ethical Company Index, Brecon Carreg is highly recommended. You can learn more about their overall ethical status here.

Also learn more about the company on their website and show your support by following them on twitter (@BreconWater).

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