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A lot more work is needed when it comes to sustainable sourcing of palm oil, suggest researchers in a recent study published by Greenpeace. The report finds that companies have no chance of meeting deforestation targets, among other things, as corporate palm oil commitments are found to be ‘more aspirational than functional’.

The new research by Greenpeace investigated 11 of the largest palm oil traders, discovering that only one had tangible and purposeful commitments in place to protect fragile forests. Researchers also found that implementation was inconsistent, and that a number of companies have intentionally created complex corporate structures to bend the lens of transparency when it comes to supply chain practices and relationships with deforestation. These maneuvering go against recent pledges to increase transparency across the palm oil industry. The evidence suggests numerous environmental and human rights breaches.

You can find the report here, or read a summary of its contents here.

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