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Ethical Accreditation for Applaws and Encore

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Ethical Accreditation

Two pet food brands, Applaws and Encore, which feature in The Good Shopping Guide’s Cat & Dog Food Ethical Comparison Table, have been re-awarded independent Ethical Accreditation.


Ethical Company Award Logo

Ethical Company Award Logo

The brands are owned by MPM Products – a company specialising in high-quality, innovative products for cats and dogs.  Through their brands Applaws and Encore, the company’s mission is to challenge – and offer alternatives to – the additive-filled products that some multinational brands offer to consumers.

The company is diligent in selecting their suppliers, which must adhere to their strict codes of practice to maintain the highest food standards. All fish are sea caught species from sustainable sources and their tuna is further accredited by the Earth Island Institute.

As with all the all the pet food brands featured in The Good Shopping Guide’s Ethical Comparison table on the green background, Applaws and Encore never conduct, contract or fund animal tests in the developing, manufacturing, testing or marketing of their pet food products.

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