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Ethical Accreditation: One Water

by | Jul 7, 2022 | Ethical Accreditation

The Good Shopping Guide is pleased to announce that One Water, an eco-friendly bottled water brand, has been re-awarded independent Ethical Accreditation following the annual ethical screening which keeps its accreditation up-to-date.

One Water is a carbon-neutral brand that focuses on making its packaging as sustainable as possible. As well as using 100% recycled plastic bottles, One Water also offers products in glass bottles, cartons and cans to limit plastic waste.

Moreover, the brand operates The One Foundation which focuses on providing vulnerable communities with access to clean water and sanitation. So far, The One Foundation has raised over 20 million pounds!

One Water is also a member of 1% for the Planet, which means that 1% of its profits are donated to environmental causes.

The Good Shopping Guide is proud to work with a bottled water brand that clearly demonstrates its commitment to addressing plastic waste and water insecurity. Other bottled water companies should look to One Water as an example of what sustainable businesses can achieve when they focus on people and the planet over profit.

See the One Water website for more information on the brand and the products it offers. You can also refer to our Bottled Water ethical rating table to see One Water’s top rating.

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