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Introduction to Ethical Energy

There can’t be many people left who aren’t aware of the devastating effect that excessive carbon dioxide emissions are having on our environment. The prospect of climate change should be a real concern for all of us. Stories of melting ice caps may seem remote today, but they will not be so irrelevant when the resultant rise in sea levels leaves the waves lapping around our ankles.

An in-depth look at renewable energy

The Eth‍‍‍ical Energy section of The Good Shopping Guide offers an in-depth look at renewable energy, as well as tips on home efficiency and a few novel gadgets that could help cut your energy use even further.

It has been said numerous times before that only a few small changes to our lifestyles could have a big impact on the future of the planet. The difference now is that not only is the pressure to make these changes mounting, but governments have begun to listen to the environmental campaigners and enshrine their objectives in legislation.

One of these changes is a decision to apply Energy Performance Certificates (such as those found on fridges and freezers) to all houses bought and sold or rented in England and Wales. These give every house an A to G rating for its energy efficiency and carbon emissions, as well as offering information on how these ratings can be improved.

Beside these measures, there is plenty of room for most households to make substantial savings on their CO2 emissions (and therefore their energy bills) by improving their insulation, installing energy-efficient lightbulbs and buying the most environmentally-friendly appliances for their home.

The most important ethical decision to make is the switch to renewable energy. This is now easier than ever before, particularly as most of the major companies offer their own ‘green’ energy packages. The best option, however, is to switch to an energy company which truly supports renewable energy or even to set up a microgeneration site of your own.


Key Research

Below you will find links to the key sections of our ethical research in Energy:

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