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A new brand, Fundamentals, has been added to the Ethical Fashion section of The Good Shopping Shopping. In addition to receiving a top ranking 88 on the Ethical Company Index, Fundamentals has also been awarded Ethical Accreditation.

Fundamentals is a London based retailer and lifestyle blog focused on developing ethical and sustainable every day essentials at affordable prices. The first collection of products is a range of organic unisex every day casual wear made in the UK with a focus on comfort – the majority of their fabrics are GOTS certified organic cotton. Focused on not only providing products for sustainable living but also content and ideas for a simple, balanced lifestyle, Fundamentals is an exciting ethical brand driven to get the root of a good product without neglecting the principles of fairness, accessibility and affordability.

Highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide, we suggest you head over to their website to learn more. Be sure to check out their blog as well as their online shop while you’re over there, and show them your support on Twitter (@fundamentalsldn).

Additionally, have a look at the Ethical Fashion brand rankings and see why Fundamentals ranks so highly for overall ethics.

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