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Ethical Food Delivery Service

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Ethical Accreditation

Conscience Kitchen is an ethical food delivery service based in West London, which has recently been awarded independent Ethical Accreditation.

The company delivers brunch, lunch and dinner to your door or desk and works hard to make sure that everything they do – from sourcing through to packaging – is ethical.

Conscience Kitchen uses suppliers which share their values – most of which are independent, ethical companies. 

90% of their packaging is biodegradable and the remaining 10% is fully recyclable – they never use non-recyclable disposables or non-biodegradable plastic and they are currently working on developing edible packaging and packaging made from organic waste.

The ingredients in their foods are ethically sourced, including organic, fair-trade and free range.

Head over to the Conscience Kitchen website to have a look at their mouth-wateringly delicious looking meals and find out more about their values.

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