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Fushi Wellbeing has emerged as one of The Good Shopping Guide’stop-ranking companies within the Health & Beauty sections.

The company creates ethically sourced products in their London workshop, combining hand-blended, organic, freshly cold-pressed oils and infused herbs from the season’s harvest to produce skincare, haircare, supplements and food oils.

Fushi has attained continual Ethical Accreditation since 2005 and have worked hard over the years to increase their Ethical Company Index score, which has now reached 100.

Have a look at how Fushi Wellbeing performs for ethics vs. other well-known health and beauty brands in the following sections of The Good Shopping GuideSkincareShampoo & Conditioner and Vitamins.

And head over to Fushi’s website to take a look at their large range of products, including this limited-edition festive gift set!

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