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Introduction to Ethical Home & Office

It is often said that change starts at home, and with ethical shopping this can certainly be the case. Most modern houses are filled with goods, many of which will see a lot of wear and tear – particularly if you have young children or unruly teenagers! Offices, too, are now populated as much by computers as by people, and in almost all cases it is the machines that give up working long before the humans. For these reasons, and to avoid the environmental and financial damage of unnecessary replacements, it is crucial that we choose the most long-lasting goods for our homes and offices.

Ethical, Eco-Friendly Home & Office

While an unacceptable number of ‘white’ goods, such as kitchen appliances, still end up in landfill sites each year, steps are finally being taken to address the amount of waste we produce. Many progressive companies are setting up their own facilities to re-use and recycle their products, and websites such as have helped to create an online community where even your outdated VCR might be found a new home.

On the domestic front, the government has considered introducing a ‘rubbish bag tax’ as an incentive for people to reduce their non-recyclable waste. A controversial idea perhaps but one that seems increasingly necessary when you consider that Britain landfills almost three quarters of its municipal waste compared to the Netherlands and Denmark who landfill less than 10% of theirs, preferring to recycle and incinerate.

Although the prospect of government legislation suggests that the eco-friendly message has made it to the top, many of the larger manufacturers still don’t seem to have got the idea. It is up to us to make a stand. With the arrival of sustainable building it is now possible to build environmental considerations into the very foundations of your home or office; failing that, take a look at the tables on the following pages and make the right decision.

Key Research

Below you will find links to the key sections of our ethical research in Home & Office:

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