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Ethical fine jewellery maker, Ingle & Rhode, has attained independent Ethical Accreditation following an audit by The Ethical Company Organisation.

Ingle & Rhode creates fine jewellery and rings using only ethically sourced diamonds and precious metals. Their diamonds are from Canada which allows them to trace them back to the mine they came from unlike diamonds from other countries. They only use Fairtrade gold or recycled platinum to ensure miners receive better pay and working conditions.

In addition to the ethical sourcing of their diamonds, Ingle & Rhode ensures all their other gems – including sapphires, rubies and emeralds – can also be traced back to the source.

Ingle & Rhode does not agree with sweatshops or production lines.  All their jewellery is hand finished in the UK by craftsmen and women who are amongst the most respected in the industry.

Further information about the company, their values and their unique range of jewellery can be found on their website.

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