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Celtic Connection has been re-awarded independent Ethical Accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation.

Like many of the Cat & Dog Food brands featured in The Good Shopping Guide’s list of ethical brands, Celtic Connection was born out of a desire by the founder – Linda Gould – to give her pets the best nutrition possible but finding little on the market which provided what she was looking for.

After successfully producing food which her own pets were thriving on, Linda decided to help other pet owners by creating highly-nutritious, convenient and affordable pet food.  She started handcrafting recipes which included freshly-prepared, ethically-farmed poultry or fish as the principal ingredient, and using her knowledge of ancient Celtic remedies and cures, adding a mixture of healthy fruits and vegetables and more herbs than are found in other pet foods to help restore and maintain natural health and vitality.  Celtic Connection is free from gluten, grains, GMOs and fillers which can cause inflammation, allergic reactions, stiff joints and digestive problems.

Celtic Connection comes in bespoke packaging, which is completely natural and can be composted, shred and used to mulch around plants or in potting soil to help retain water, or even in a cat’s litter box.

See the latest Cat & Dog Food Ethical Research Rankings here and visit Celtic Connection’s website to see their full range of ethical pet foods and where to buy them.

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