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Last month we announced that a new ethical dog food brand – Goood (UK) – had successfully attained Ethical Accreditation.  We can now confirm that Goood Germany has also been awarded independent Ethical Accreditation following a full ethical audit by The Ethical Company Organisation.

Goood is sustainable, premium dog food made with natural ingredients which are grain-free and follow a holistic nutritional concept.  The company uses locally sourced ingredients where possible and Goood bags are the first in the world to be made from a special material that make them extra recyclable. This means they can be reincarnated – in a process known as material recycling – as an entirely new product (and not just thermally recycled for minimal energy like other dog food bags).  The bags are packed into an easy-carry, FSC-certified recycled cardboard box to ensure the food stays fresh and full of quality.

Goood is a carbon-neutral company – offsetting their carbon output (and more) – by planting trees.  They plant these trees together with the Woodland Trust in the UK and Nature Office in Germany.

See Goood Germany’s high-ranking position in the latest Cat & Dog Food research and you can read more about the company’s values on the Goood UK or Goood Germany websites.

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