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Online School Uniform Shop has been awarded Ethical Accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation.

School Uniform Shop recognises that value for money is important when buying school uniforms, but the cost to the workers making the garments is a concern for the company.  They do not believe that children overseas – who do not get the opportunity to go to school – should be making cheap uniform for children in the UK, which is why they are committed to ensuring all the uniform they sell is ethically sourced – meaning no child labour, safe working conditions, fair wages and factories that are rigorously and regularly checked.   This way they can have a positive impact on customers, colleagues, supply chain and surrounding community, whilst building a sustainable business.

School Uniform Shop sells a variety of different brands, which all adhere to the company’s ethical sourcing policy, which includes an Eco range by David Luke which uses post-consumer waste plastic bottles.

In line with the company’s ethical ethos, School Uniform Shop supports a number of education charities to help children who need it most across the world, which includes funding educational projects and donating school uniform.

Find out more about the company and its values here:

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