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Earlier today we released a massive research update to The Good Shopping Guide’s ethical skincare rankings.

This highly anticipated update, based on our latest independent research and ethical company report(s), consists of a total of 40 skincare brands. The new ethical comparison rankings disclose that out of the 40 brands we researched, 17 have been given top ethical rankings. This is an incredibly inspiring result.

Our comprehensive research has resulted in more than a few surprises. The BIG story for many will concern the ethical ranking of The Body Shop. In recent years, The Body Shop consistently ranked among the worst of the least ethical brands. Today, we are delighted to announce that The Body Shop has made a significantly positive climb up the ethical charts, and is now included in the list of 17 top ranking brands.


Continuing with the good news in the area of ethical and organic beauty, both Tan Organic and incognito – each with Ethical Accreditation – have launched their own respective range of skincare products. This means two new ethical options have emerged for ethical consumers.

In total, The Good Shopping Guide highly recommends the following brands: Fushi WellbeingGreen PeopleNeal’s Yard RemediesOy!Made for LifeOdyliqueTan OrganicHonestyincognitoPHB Ethical BeautyBloomtown, and No Fuss. Each one of these brands has Ethical Accreditation and comes with our full endorsement.

Sadly, Bulldog has dropped down the rankings in quite a dramatic fashion, after the brand was bought out by Edgewell Personal Care Company. While L’Oreal has climbed into the middle column of our rankings table, other popular brands as Aveda, Clean & Clear, Estee Lauder, Neutrogena and Olay (to name a few) remain among some of the worst ethically ranking skincare options.

In addition to our new ethical comparison rankings, we have also updated our general ethical shopping guide for skincare products. This includes updated information on recent science in relation to potentially constroversial synthetics, as well as some insights into common issues we’ve found in our independent and comprehensive investigations.

For more, see the Skincare section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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