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Ethical Accreditation: Plant-Based Food Pioneer VBites

by | Mar 30, 2020 | Ethical Accreditation, Ethical Shopping Blog

VBites has retained independent Ethical Accreditation for the 16th successive year, following an audit by The Ethical Company Organisation.

VBites is a pioneer of plant-based foods, having first started manufacturing vegan food products 27 years ago.  In that time, VBites has introduced a huge range of innovative meat-free products – including 100% sustainable fish alternatives, meat-free meat and dairy-free cheeses.

All the company’s products are proudly manufactured within the United Kingdom.

Not all vegetarian and vegan food brands are equal when it comes to ethics, so don’t be misled into thinking vegan or vegetarian means ethical!  There are a growing number of plant-based brands hitting our shelves – some of which are owned by big corporations who are less than ethical, so make sure you check our latest Ethical Brand Comparison table for which are ethical… and which are not.

We can thoroughly recommend VBites as one of  our top-ranking Vegan food brands when it comes to ethics – see their full range of plant-based products on their website:

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