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Global packaging firm, Mondi Group, has set itself new science-based targets in effort to reduce carbon emissions across the company’s entire base of operations.

Mondi Group is a massive global company that specialisese in pulp, paper and plastic film packaging. They have operations in 30 countries, and have a fairly noteworthy impact on material consumption and production in their sector.

The company’s new science-based targets follow signed agreements with WWF’s Climate Savers initiative. This initiative aims to support low-carbon business aspirations. As such, Mondi Group’s commitment include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its current level to 0.25t CO2e per tonne of production. The aim is to accomplish this by 2050, in-line with science-based demands according to the 2C limit.

The company has also taken steps to improve a number of practices, including improving energy efficiency and managing resources such as forests in a responsible way. As reported by, “Paper packaging developed by the firm will also help consumers reduce their own carbon footprints.”

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