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Calls for boycott have been launched against HP, as part of the BDS movement. The popular computer brand who ranks bottom for ethics in our latest research on PC, Laptop and Tablet brands, has been subject of intense criticism. The company is accused of being complicit with the Israeli occupation of Palestine, U.S. deportations, and even mass incarceration.

It has been claimed that HP profits directly from the illegal Israeli occupation by providing:

•Key IT systems used by the Israeli navy to enforce the deadly blockade and destruction of Gaza

•Technologies used by the Israeli army to stop the free movement of Palestinians living in the West Bank, and to maintain Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land, such as the BASEL system

•Services and technologies to major Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, including Ariel and Mod’in Illit

Above you will find a video which details some of the accusations. You can also learn more at

Campaigners in the UK and in the US have been organizing protests to raise awareness of the company’s ethical track-record. In the UK, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has launched a petition following protests in over 20 locations. A petition has also been started by Mass Against HP in Massachusetts, US.

New research published by The Good Shopping Guide revealed HP as one of the bottom ranking brands for overall ethics, with a 48 ECI.

The BDS movement has faced numerous challenges in recent time, including government attempts to undermine the right to organize boycotts. Two related articles can be found here and here.

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