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The mobile phone section is consistently ranked as one of our most popular. And one thing we frequently hear from readers is how it is a shame companies such as Apple and Samsung, with all their money, rank so low for ethics. We also receive a lot of comments about the lack of popular and mainstream brands with an acceptable rating.

Hopefully this changes over time, the more that pressure and demand for ethical tech grows.

Meanwhile, it’s exciting to see that as Samsung prepares for the release of the S8, it is HTC generating significant hype! The codename for the phone has been known for some time as the HTC Ocean.

Currently ranked among very top for company ethics, it is being speculated by some that this year’s most innovative handset will be by HTC.

Could it be that we have another ethical tech option to compete at the top? Time will tell. What’s clear right now is that the new HTC line looks promising.

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