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One of the key components of the engine driving modern ecological crises and serious environmental degradation, is increasingly outdated industry and energy. These two things are a key cog in the overall unsustainbility of the modern economic machine.

With the serious threat of catastrophic climate change, one way that we can all support the overall transition to a more environmentally just society is by shifting money away from ruinous industry and dirty energy suppliers who refuse to get a grip with the times.

The evidence is overwhelming. If there was ever a time to get behind progressive projects and organisations which aim to develop alternative, sustainable energy and therefore also economy, it is now. Switching to an ethical and renewable electricity supplier is a great way to not only reduce your CO2 emissions, but also support the progressive development of renewable technologies. Green power is a growing area, and the more demand there is for renewable energy, the more pressure there will be on governments and power companies to provide it.

With some research suggesting solar alone could defeat the entire fossil fuel empire by 2030, one thing is clear: renewables need our support now if we are to finally overcome the stranglehold by fossil fuel companies and lobbyists! In the current economic context, money is power. But we can turn this notion on its head: by not only divesting from fossil fuels, but also by redirecting the flow of money to ethical, alternative energy, we can assist the transition to a more environmentally, socially and economically just world.

There are many green and renewable energy suppliers and projects. Our latest independent, ethical research on UK Energy Suppliers reveals several alternatives. Ranking top for ethics is Good Energy – an Ethically Accredited company and a widely recognized leader in UK renewable energy.

Also featuring a high ethical ranking score is Planet (LoC02 Energy), who is also ethically accredited and helping lead the way in renewable electricity supply. For more information and for a breakdown of our research, check out our Ethical Guide to UK Energy Suppliers.

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