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Today is World Wildlife Day – A day of global action.

It’s time to get serious about the destruction of species and entire ecosystems. While broader social and economic change are a priority if we are to create a more socially and environmentally just world, there are practical things you can do to assist the many-sided transition. Companies and businesses have a huge part to play when it comes to Wildlife Crime.

Which companies is your money supporting? How environmentally responsible are these companies? You don’t have to feel powerless about the world’s problems within the current economy. Help us turn the notion of “money is power” on its head, and make the environmentally irresponsible companies/businesses throughout the world heed to our demands that they must change their ways (fundamentally speaking).

In the current economic context, we all need to spend money to purchase basic things. But by supporting the “redirection of the flow of capital” to ethically rated businesses which do not lobby against progressive climate policies, which do not partake in deforestation or the destruction of species, and which do not support “profit over human and environmental flourishing”, it is possible for us to assist the transition to a more just society.

Research and compare the ethical rating of the world’s brands by using The Good Shopping Guide, and support only those that are out to support the creation of a better world (as opposed to hindering such development).

Also take to Twitter and support the campaign: ‪#‎WorldWildlifeDay‬

Lastly, you can read about all of the positive things going on today by visiting the World Wildlife Day website.

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