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Po-Zu Shoes, consistently ranked top on the ethical index in our research on global footwear brands, has launched an important crowdfund campaign and they need your support!

Po-Zu has been ranked the no. 1 shoe brand by The Good Shopping Guide for 11 consecutive years. This is an unprecedented run at the top of the ethical charts within the footwear sector. Additionally, Po-Zu also has Ethical Accreditation status, proving that they are a brand you can trust and whose ethical principles you can rely on.

Along with multiple sustainability awards, including Best Ethical Fashion Brand 2017, we cannot speak more highly of Po-Zu Shoes.

Join the ‘shoe revolution’

It has been an incredible series of months for Po-Zu, with the attaining of the appropriate license to develop a co-branded range of footwear for a major (and very popular) sci-fi film franchise. But the force also seems to be with Po-Zu for many other reasons, not least when it comes to the appointment of Safia Minney MBE as the new Managing Director.

Po-Zu is quickly becoming a leading force for good within the footwear industry. In looking to continue to grow and expand, the brand has launched a crowdfund campaign offering potential investors the opportunity to help fund further international expansion. Potential investors will have the opportunity to have a real impact and support the shoe revolution, at a time when the growth in sustainability and ethics within the fashion industry is most needed.

Learn more here.

* See the shoes & trainers section of The Good Shopping Guide to learn why Po-Zu are a top ranking ethical brand.

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