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‘The illicit trade in diamonds has funded brutal wars and human rights abuses for decades. Despite significant progress, the problem has not gone away’. Although the diamond industry is expected to grow in the coming years, it faces a challenge with younger generations placing increasing emphasis on concerns about environmental and ethical costs.

It is not hard to understand why new generations of consumers want to buy ‘clean diamonds.’ The question is, what are the alternatives?

KinetIQue Jewellery, who has recently re-attained Ethical Accreditation, offers one such ethical alternative.

The home of the IQ Diamond – and man made Hybrid Diamond, which is free from the human rights and environmental issues that are commonly associated with mined diamonds – KinetIQue offers consumers a credible alternative to mined diamonds, which doesn’t involve unethical mining, pollution, unethical labour, unethical business practices and extortionate prices. The IQ Diamond is optically identical to mined diamonds, tests positive for diamond and is around 90% less expensive than a comparable mined diamond.

Having successfully passed our annual independent audit, KinetIQue’s re-attaining of Ethical Accreditation means that they have now been accredited for 5 consecutive years.

To learn more about the IQ Diamond, visit KinetIQue’s website.

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