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Unsustainable tuna remains a huge problem. And major UK retailers are facing increasing pressure over the sustainability of tinned tuna stocked on their shelves, as recently reported.

“Such well known brands as Princes and Tesco’s own brand label have faced criticism for sourcing from fisheries which run widespread unsustainable fishing practices that leads to dangerous bycatch levels, insist campaigners”.

Asda and Morrison’s have also been facing pressure by the On The Hook coalition which is comprised of scientists, retailers, politicians and campaigners including celebrity Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. The coalition has claimed that “vessels operating at the Tri-Marine and PNA fisheries haul tuna along with turtles, sharks and other protected species unsustainably”.

ethical index for tinned tuna, was forced to retract its claim that “100% of our own brand canned tuna in the UK is caught by pole and line”.here.

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