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In this marketplace investigation conducted by the CBC (2018), the problems of fast fashion are explored (click above to watch the video).

It has long been known that fast fashion is a substantial contributor to the global waste problem, with numerous authoritative studies and reports on the fashion industry having been published in recent years. In fact, only a few weeks ago a landmark report was published by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future.

With the knowledge of the pitfalls of fast fashion already established, many of use are becoming increasingly accustomed to buying used clothing and supporting circular programmes, purchasing only from ethical fashion brands, and simply being more conscientious overall about the lifetime of our clothes. It is also becoming increasingly common to give our old clothes to charity or donate them via some local collection initiative.

But one of the several interesting things this Canadian documentary highlights, concerns how most of those donated items are sold and can even end up in landfill. This shouldn’t dissuade one to continue donating their clothes, but surely this finding is not good. It begs the question about what practices also occur in the UK, US and throughout Europe where many of our readers are  based.

* To learn which of the world’s fashion brands are most (and least) ethical, visit the Fashion section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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