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We’re extremely pleased to announce that leading ethical Feminine Care brand, Natracare, has been re-awarded Ethical Accreditation!

In our recently updated ethical comparison rankings, Natracare remained one of the top ethically rated brands with a perfect 100 Ethical Company Index (ECI). In addition to being consistently ranked as one of the top scoring companies within our research, this re-certification announcement means that the company has also achieved continuous Ethical Accreditation since 2009. We’ve been known to be very strict and drop a company’s accreditation if their ethical practices regress, so this really is a fantastic accomplishment.

If you’re new to the Natracare brand: their personal care products were created as a response to health and environmental concerns about dioxin pollution cause by chlorine bleaching, pesticide spraying on conventially grown cotton and the use of rayon and plastics in feminine hygiene products.  The products use certified organic cotton which is totally chlorine free, plastic free and they use biodegradable materials which means they leave a soft footprint on the earth.  Natracare is the first Feminine Hygiene brand to achieve the Made Safe Certification – meaning the product is made with safe ingredients, without toxic chemicals known to harm our health.

You can purchase their products through our ethical shopping table over at the Feminine Care section; through Ethical Superstore, or directly above.

You can also learn more about Natracare here, or find them on Twitter @natracare.

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