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Banking giant, NatWest, has experienced a difficult time in recent years, particularly when it comes to their ethical company index ranking. With the hashtag, #ethicalbank, trending on Twitter in recent weeks, this is a history that one ought to highlight. In fact, as things currently stand, Natwest ranks among the worst of UK banks and building societies for overall ethics.

Perhaps that makes the following news more of a surprise. It is promising that, in a relatively short amount of time, the bank has moved to purchasing 100% of its energy from renewable sources. It is also positive that, in surpassing its £3bn funding target to support the sustainable energy sector (set in 2015), NatWest is taking steps to supporting investment in low carbon goods and services with updated pledges of £10bn in lending to UK renewable energy and energy efficiency projects by 2020.

These steps come at a time when the UK banking sector faces increasing pressure on a number of fronts, including investment policies. Continued investment in fossil fuel development and failure to implement effective climate-risk strategies are two notable examples.

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