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New chocolate rankings are live!

Based on our latest independent research and ethical company report, the new ethical comparison rankings consist of 27 brands. Our comprehensive research has resulted in more than a few surprises. Toblerone’s bottom overall ethical rating has to be one of the most notable results. Another shock continues to be the rating of Green & Black’s, who remain among the very bottom. These two brands share the tag of ‘least ethical’ with other international favourites, such as Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Snickers, Milky Way, Mars, M&M’s, Bounty, Smarties, KitKat and Aero (to name a few).

These findings will be somewhat disheartening for chocolate lovers. Some of the most notable and common concerns that we found had to do with animal welfare, links to armaments, and significant public record criticisms. In general, we found that the world of chocolate isn’t as innocent as a lot of the infomercials convey. From child labour to worker’s rights, there are some major concerns at the heart of the cocoa industry.

In more positive news, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder, Thornton’s and Lindt have all ranked mid-tier. This means there are question marks to be raised and reason for some concern, but also some hope that they could climb into the most ethical column in our next research update.

As for the top and most ethical chocolate brands, Seed & Bean continue to lead the pack with a perfect score on the ethical index. The brand continues to show why it is a truly ethical leader within the chocolate sector. Having attained ethical accreditation from ethical company organisation, Seed & Bean is subject to annual independent audit and is highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

Not far behind on the ethical index are Plamil, Traidcraft, Divine and Montezuma’s. This conclude the top ethical rankings for the current round of research.

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