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This morning we released new research investigating the ethical standing of popular feminine care brands.

Looking into the reality behind the brand, our independent and unbiased research assesses the ethical standing of popular feminine care brands.

With our latest research in this sector follows updated ethical comparison rankings. You can find the updated rankings here.

The main thing to take-away from this research update is the inclusion of three new brands to The Good Shopping Guide list of researched feminine care brands. As we constantly look to expand and update our research to include a wider spread of North American, European and British brands, we hope to be able to inform consumers is as an extensive and detailed way possible.

What was exciting to see with this new research was how newly included Draper’s Organic, The Diva Cup and Naty all ranking top with a nearly perfect 91 Ethical Company Index (ECI).

Gift, Lunapads and Cotton all remain middle of the pack. Disappointingly, our research shows no improvement for Kotex, Always, Tampax and Carefree.

As for The Good Shopping Guide recommendation – Ethically Accredited MooncupNatracare and Yes are all highly recommended.

For more information, please see the Feminine Care section.

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