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Banana waste is a big deal. So big, in fact, that recent research estimated 1.4 million edible bananas are wasted each day in Britain alone. It is a shocking number.

But new technology could help reduce this amount waste. In addition to increasing consumer education, a new filtration system has been developed to the support the prolongation of the ‘green life’ of bananas. The idea is that this system could help ensure more fruit arrives to UK shores without going to waste, as current industry standards require that bananas remain within their ‘green life’ from the time of harvest to distribution. Over-ripened bananas, in other words, are deemed unfit for sale and this over-ripening usually happens during transit.

This is where the new filter comes in, as it sufficiently prolongs the life of the fruit whilst in transit.

But while this begins to support the solution to one issue, another problem is food waste on the consumer side of things, with perfectly edible bananas being tossed in the bin. In the UK, domestic food waste has increased by 0.3 million tonnes since 2014, totaling 7.3 million tonnes of waste.

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