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It has been a busy year for everyone at Ethical Company Organisation.  Along with the launch of the beta version of the online edition of The Good Shopping Guide – after 12 years of being published as an ethical reference book – we’ve been making massive strides toward developing the world’s leading ethical shopping portal.

At the moment we cannot reveal everything that we’re working on. But we can promise our readers and supporters that lots of exciting new projects and developments have been planned for the following months, as the team behind The Good Shopping Guide actively pursues significant funding to support the growth and development of the new web platform, including the expansion of our independent research to include more and more of the world’s brands.

This key stage in the development of should help the team ensure that ethical research is spread further and wider than ever before, with the ambition to reach millions (rather than hundreds of thousands) of people and thereby make the ethical shopping movement a more powerful force for good than ever before. We also have plans to develop new platforms and technologies, as well as investigate ways in which we can support NGOs, important (social, economic and environmental) campaigns, ethical business and shoppers in creating more solidity.

As businesses get bigger and corporate influence increases, the importance of individuals’ brand choices has never been so clear: by choosing to buy from ethical and avoid irresponsible companies together, we can not only minimise in the current political-economic circumstance the damage that we do to the world around us, but also put pressure on brands with poor ethical records and promote a healthier relationship between ethics and business. In doing so, we can all play a big role in helping empower businesses and companies that aim to support social and economic change for a cleaner, fairer and kinder world.

As we celebrate the close of 2014, we would like to thank our many active and engaged readers, who, in the earliest days of, have helped us start to make our new website an inspired ‘digital ethical shopping hub’. Your presence, support and feedback both on our website and on social media has been truly inspiring.

Moving forward, we hope that you all continue to enjoy our research and the many exciting projects we have in development, including the many exciting plans to develop the post-beta version of our new website.

If you would like to support our research and our project, you can donate here.

Here’s to a new year! Watch this space!

– The Good Shopping Guide team

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