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n our latest update to the skincare brand rankings, Made for Life received a top ethical rating of 96 on the ethical index. Scoring top marks across numerous categories, the brand has emerged as another standout ethical leader in the skincare market.

In addition to their high ethical ranking score, Made for Life was also recently re-awarded Ethical Accreditation by Ethical Company Organisation. This means that the brand is highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

If you’re new to the Made for Life brand, they offer a range of skincare products using the synergy of organic herbs and flowers. Made for Life Organics is an ethos of healthy and wholesome living, which extends to their Made for Life Foundation – supporting those facing cancer. This summer they trained over 65 therapists within CenterParcs to be able to massage people with cancer in line with their Cancer Touch Therapy training programme – enabling spas and therapists to confidently open their doors to anyone struggling with and in the fight against cancer.

You can learn more about this programme by visiting the Made for Life Foundation website.

You can also find out more about Made for Life products via this link, or by following the brand on Twitter (@madeforlife_).

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