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Body wash has become a popular alternative to basic, boring everyday soap. This is reflected by the wealth of body wash options now available. Whether gels, creams or oils – most every major brand and a significant amount of alternative brands offer at least one or more of their own variant.

Today, our focus is on one brand in particular: Original Source. Vegan certified, with many products also certified by the Aroma Therapy Council, Original Source shower gels, milks, scrubs and body lotions are known for their incredible, exotic and natural fragrance.

With combinations like Eucalyptus & Black Pepper, Watermelon & Jojoba Oil, or Hibiscus & Pomegranate Tea, one’s senses are surely in for a treat!

It comes as no surprise that on many top 10 or 20 lists, Original Source products are listed as some of the most favourable. Quality, fragrance and reasonable price point are all commonly cited factors.

Ethical Issues

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There are a number of ethical issues in relation to the shower gel market. The use of microbeads the destructive effects these tiny plastic beads have on the environment, is certainly be one such issue that most people will have already grown familiar.

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With awareness growing about the destructive effects of microbeads, governments in many parts of the world are planning legislative bans on their use. Meanwhile, major retailers and cosmetic companies are also announcing their own plans to phase out microbeads from products. But with the recent findings of a UK Environmental Audit Committee, which cited that a single shower can release 100,000 microbeads into the ocean, pressure continues to grow for a complete before the 2020 target set by major cosmetics brands.

In addition to the issue of microbeads and the pollution they cause, there is also a concern regarding chemical contents found within the products of popular body wash brands. Animal testing is, of course, yet another site of concern.

Original Source Review – Ethical or not?

All of this may have you wondering, is Original Source ethical? Firstly, because the brand is certified vegan, you can rest assured that Original Source does not test on animals and that each product contains no animal ingredients. Secondly, instead of microbeads, Original Source use natural alternatives in their scrubs and washes, including plant based materials and almond shells.

As for the brand’s Ethical Company Index: Original Source currently ranks mid-table with a 69 ECI. At the time of writing, Animal Welfare remains a concern due to the practices of parent company PZ Cussons. The brand also received a red rating under Organic, again as a result of the practices of the parent company.

This is a shame, if you think about it. Under more ethical ownership, it is almost certain that Original Source would currently be ranked among the top alternative brands in our ethical comparison research.

What this means is that, as things stand, there are more ethical brands available. These brands are owned and operated by companies who have clear and identifiable ethical principles.

* To obtain a census view of average product score for Original Source body wash products, we assessed a spread of popular reviews and consumer ratings. You can find these on AmazonOcadoBoots, and mySupermarket.

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