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Ovo Energy, a leading ethical electricity supplier in the UK, has announced the launch of its new vehicle-to-grid technology. Also referred to as ‘V2G’, this new product available to Ovo customers enables energy stored in their electric vehicles to be fed back into the national electricity network to help supply energy at times of peak demand.

What’s the benefit? Besides the benefit of being a consumer of Ovo’s green energy tariff, V2G is based on “‘two-way’ electric car chargers” that “can enable homeowners with electric cars to sell their energy back to the national network. It’s a smart idea when you consider that over 90% of cars are parked at any one time – which is a lot of energy just sitting there doing nothing”. From a conscious consumer perspective, it enables the possibility of potentially being energy self-sufficient. With a bit of investment and creativity, some solar panels fitted on the home, V2G could transform your home into a private mini-power station.

Alongside other technological advancements, such as new initiatives in ‘smart charging’ and ‘demand side response’, Ovo is making quite a name for itself in the UK energy market.

In our most recent ethical comparison rankings for UK electricity providers, Ovo Energy achieved a top score. A leader in the UK electricity sector, we recommend you check them out.

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