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Since announcing these goals, concern remains that “many of the targets are yet to be backed with tangible process, as the company attempts to align baselines and metrics”. Matt Mace writes for, a collaborative challenge aimed at strengthening sourcing and water stewardship action plans. In fact, PespiCo was one of the top rated companies for acting and reporting on water issues, according to a Ceres report.While PepsiCo is a quarter of the way to its 2025 goals for annual water replenishment – placing around 2.7 billion litres of water back into high-stress watersheds – the company has made slow progress across key sourcing targets.PepsiCo hasn’t been completely guilty of inaction. They’ve doubled the amount of palm oil that is sustainably sourced – from 8% to 16% – but they remain far from the target to source 100% sustainable palm oil by 2020.Read more.

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