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Looking for an ethical pet care brand? We’re happy to say that WildWash has successfully reattained Ethical Accreditation, following our annual independent audit.

Image: A selection of WildWash shampoo products /

Highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide, WildWash is a range of natural skin and coat care for pets. The products are hand made in England, using human-grade ingredients with no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, petrochemicals or PEG’s. Their pre-bath, bathing and after bath products are available for dogs, cats and horses.

Image: WildWash equine products /

WildWash are launching a campaign to use less plastic. They use PET plastic bottles for their products which are the most recyclable plastic bottles, however, most enter the municipal solid waste stream instead of being recycled. As part of their campaign they will be suggesting ways that we can eliminate plastic from our lives and work towards cutting down the pollution of our planet. The company is introducing refill centres across the UK, where customers will make significant cost savings, as well as using less plastic.

For further information on their refill service visit this link. You can also purchase their products via their website, or contact them on Twitter (@WildWash).

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