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Following a terrific performance on the ethical company index in our latest update to the pet food rankings, we’re pleased to announce Beco Pets has been re-awarded Ethical Accreditation.

Beco Pets is an eco friendly and ethical pet company, supplying dog food and eco toys. Beco dog food is made with 100% fresh, human-grade meat and is 100% grain free. The fish is MSC certified, the chicken is free-range and they also use wild boar, which emit less methane than grazing animals like sheep and cattle which is traditionally used in pet foods.

Their eco toys are made from sustainable and natural materials – like recycled plastic bottles, rice husk fibres and natural rubber. The company also offers pet owners a number of other essential items, including eco-friendly poop bags!

You can learn more and purchase Beco products here. You can also find them on twitter (@BecoPets).

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