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When it comes to pet food, the ethical history of this industry is complex. Over decades regulation has seen significant improvement and notable progress has been made. But the choice of ethical cat and dog food in the main supermarkets still tends to be rather limited, and the ethics behind the most readily available brands remains in question.

One company you can trust is MPM Products, the makers of Applaws and Encore.

Both of these brands rank among the very top on the ethical index, with 80 ECIs respectively.

If you’re new to these brands, MPM Products creates natural food for pets, which excludes artifical preservaties, additives and colourings. Its two pet food brands can be described as follows:

Applaws cat and dog foods contain high levels of quality animal protein – chicken breast and fish fillets in their wet foods and their dry food contains only chicken meal and nothing artificial added.

Encore pots and pouches include only the finest quality ingredients and no hard-to-digest fillers, additives or low-grade animal derivatives.

Ethical Accreditation

In addition to their high ethical ranking scores, we’re pleased to announce that MPM Products – Applaws and Encore – has successfully re-attained Ethical Accreditation. This means that the two brands are highly recommended by The Good Shopping Guide.

For more information, visit the Applaws and Encore websites.

You can also review the pet food section of The Good Shopping Guide to see why both of these brands rank highly on the ethical index.

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