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Green Stationery

This company has gained Ethical Accreditation and they are also able to display Ethical Company and Ethical Award.

United Kingdom
Ethical Services
First Awarded Ethical Accreditation: July 26th 2004

Company Profile

The Green Stationery Company has been awarded Ethical Accreditation membership. The Green Stationery Company is the only dedicated green stationery dealer in the UK, and is a premier supplier of recycled paper and green office products. They select items that are environmentally benign or have environmental advantages over standard office goods. Green Stationery aim to maintain business practices consistent with their goal of sustaining the fragile environment for future generations, within a culture that respects life and honours its interdependence. Unlike many office product dealers, they do not charge a premium for green items, but believe that choosing the right product is a step towards reducing the throwaway culture that is endemic in many unethical offices.

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