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How sustainable is your supermarket seafood?

According to a new report by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Aldi has overthrown the likes of Sainsbury’s and Lidl as the leader for sustainable seafood products.

The news comes from the MSC’s Supermarket Sustainable Seafood League, which offers consumers insightful ratings about the ethics of their seafood. The MSC found that just under 80% of Aldi’s seafood range is certified sustainable. Surprisingly, M&S came in with a lowly 19%! Sainsbury’s comes second with 76%, while Lidl comes in with a respectable 72%.

Asda also deserves a mention, as they made the most notable and dramatic climb in the league table, increasing their certified sustainable seafood range from 17 to 52 products (38% of its range).

Iceland and Morrison’s join M&S at the bottom.

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