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A new report published last week, A-List of Climate Policy Engagement, scored a number of prominent businesses in relation to corporate climate policy. IKEA, Tesla and Unilever in addition to the likes of technology giant, Apple, are said to rank among the very top.

Regarding the technology sector, Amazon and Microsoft were also included in the report. However, Microsoft was said to narrowly miss the A-List due to  a  particularly  “strong  network  of  powerful  cross-­‐sector  trade   groups  opposing  climate  policy,  like  the  US  Chamber,  which  Apple  has  publicly  denounced  on  climate”.

To  qualify,  a  company  must  display leadership in their sector, which includes explicit and ambitious climate policy and engagement. Like with the case of Microsoft, a notable criteria for downgrading is company linkage to associations and lobbyists opposed to climate policy.

The  evidence  consists  mostly  of  direct  disclosures  from  the  companies  themselves  or  from  their  trade   associations  (which  are  individually  assessed  in  the  same  manner  as  the  companies).    It  includes  inputs  into   regulatory  consultations,  comments  on  policy  in  financial  filings,  transcripts  of  CEO  and  senior  management   messaging  in  various  contexts,  as  well  as  objective  news  reporting  from  legitimate  media.

Surprisingly, Coca-Cola, Nestle and SSE also made the A-List, citing strong climate policy commitments.

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