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Oceana, the largest international organisation for ocean conservation, has released a new report (see above) exposing nine of the dirtiest fisheries in the United States. These nine fisheries combined throw away almost half of what they catch and are responsible for more than 50 percent of all reported bycatch in the U.S., injuring and killing thousands of protected and endangered species every year.

According to Oceana, the dirtiest fishery is Southeast Snapper-Grouper Longline Fishery, where 66% of the animals caught are discarded. This number is said to include more than 400,000 sharks in just one year. The second dirtiest fishery is California Set Gillnet Fishery, where 65% of animals caught are thrown away. The full list of the nine dirty US fisheries (based on data published by the National Marine Fisheries Service) is as follows:

* Southeast Snapper-Grouper Longline Fishery (66% discarded) –More than 400,000 sharks were captured and discarded in one year

* California Set Gillnet Halibut/Angel Shark Fishery (65% of all animals discarded) – More than 30,000 sharks and rays as well as valuable fish were discarded as waste over three years

*Southeast Shrimp Trawl Fishery (64% discarded) – For every pound of shrimp landed, 1 pound of billfish is discarded; thousands of sea turtles are killed annually

* California Drift Gillnet Swordfish/Thresher Shark Fishery (63% of all animals discarded) – Almost 550 marine mammals were entangled or killed over five years

* Gulf of Alaska Flatfish Trawl Fishery (35% discarded) – More than 34 million pounds of fish were thrown overboard in one year, including 2 million pounds of halibut and 5 million pounds of cod

* Northeast Bottom Trawl (35% discarded) – More than 50 million pounds of fish are thrown overboard every year

* Mid-Atlantic Bottom Trawl Fishery (33% discarded) – Almost 200 marine mammals and 350 sea turtles were captured or killed in one year

* Atlantic Highly Migratory Species Longline Fishery (23% discarded) – More than 75% of the wasted fish in this fishery are valuable tuna, swordfish and other billfish targeted by the fishery

* New England and Mid-Atlantic Gillnet Fishery (16% discarded) – More than 2,000 dolphins, porpoises and seals were captured in one year

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