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A new report, in which researchers analysed 23 countries currently pledged to meet Paris Agreement commitments, has found that many are falling well behind their targets. The report comes in the form of the Climate Action Tracker, and it has signaled cause for concern that a list of countries are also continuing to refuse or find themselves unable to transition away from things like coal.

The Climate Action Tracker is an independent scientific analysis produced by three research organisations tracking climate action since 2009. As of November 2017, “a substantial gap remains between the levels of emissions in 2025 and 2030 projected in the NDCs submitted to the UNFCCC and the lower levels that would be consistent with the temperature goal in the Paris Agreement”.

The news from the latest Climate Action Tracker comes despite the new Power Past Coal Alliance, which, as report, has seen an increasing collection of countries actively aiming to move away from dependence on coal. As CAT researchers revealed, there are still countries – like Japan, Indonesia, Philippines and Turkey – continuing forward with construction plans for new coal plants.

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