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Today we’re happy to release our latest research and report on the ethical standing of Paintpaint section of The Good Shopping Guide is a popular one, and often it seems people are amazed at the discernible difference in company ethics between various established home paint brands.OSMO and Ty-Mawr Lime. Both of these brands also have Ethical Accreditation and are therefore recommended as safe to trust.As a whole, there is a lot of controversy around paint. One of a number of issues is that most paint contains petroleumbased by-products from the oil industry, a sector not renowned for its commitment to environmental protection.The ‘natural’ paints on the market claim to be both safer to use and kinder to the environment than conventional products. Not all ‘natural’ paints are the same, and one must still proceed with caution. That said, there is quite a list this year of alternative paint brands to choose from. Ethical Paint section of The Good Shopping Guide.

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