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It isn’t often we get to write about shoes – not to mention ethical footwear. In fact, this is only our second review of a shoe brand. But with the recent release of our latest comprehensive, independent research and ethical index rankings for the world’s shoe brands,  there is perhaps no better time to start. And to that, it can also be said that there is perhaps no better of a footwear brand to focus on than Po-Zu.

Po-Zu Shoes – A genuine, reliable ethical alternative

Po-Zu has been making quite the name for itself. Attaining the appropriate license to develop a co-branded range of footwear for a major (and very popular) sci-fi film franchise, we can say that the force is with Po-Zu for more reasons than their eye-catching Star Wars range. With the hiring of Safia Minney MBE as the new Managing Director, Po-Zu is one of the notable voices organising a real ‘shoe revolution‘.

A leading force for good in the footwear sector, we can verify that Po-Zu represents everything that its says when it comes to company and brand ethics. In our latest ethical index ratings for shoe & trainer brands, Po-Zu ranked among the very top with a 92 ECI. Scoring perfect marks for environment, animal welfare and human rights (among other categories), the brand was found to deliver on its ethical promise. To add to its top ethical rating, Po-Zu also currently holds Ethical Accreditation status, meaning they are subject to annual independent ethical company audits by Ethical Company Organisation.

At a time when the modern footwear industry is facing serious criticism across environmental, human rights and animal welfare categories, with fast fashion becoming a popular buzzword that summarizes the deep ethical issues that plagues the sector, Po-Zu is a genuine alternative. Along with their Ethical Accreditation status, the brand is also certified by the Fair Rubber Association and Positive Luxury. You can read more about their environment and ethical code of practice here.

Product Review

So what about the product?

Saffia Farr writes in Juno Magazine, ” I never thought I’d find such a pair again, but my new Po-Zu boots are probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever worn! […] And the best bit is that I can feel good about wearing them for other reasons.” And with Po-Zu, this is the essential point: quality, style and ethics.

Beautiful design is one of the noticeable features of almost any pair of Po-Zu shoes that you see. Their range is unique. Consider, for example the Brisk Black White – a sneaker in organic cotton canvas and eco-microfibre. – “High-top vegan lace-up Sneaker with the Millennium Falcon spaceship technical print”[/caption]

Or let’s jump straight into the Star Wars line, with the men’s high-top vegan lace-up sneaker in organic cotton with a rubberised official Rebel Alliance badge.

Now let’s look at something completely different in the women’s Pia Grey Leather Boot with buckle fastenings, made from Chrome-Free Leather and featuring a built-in shock absorbing coconut fibre Foot-Mattress™ and a high-flexibility natural rubber sole. -“Women’s Pia Grey Leather Boot with buckle fastenings, made from Chrome-Free Leather and featuring a built-in shock absorbing coconut fibre Foot-Mattress™ and a high-flexibility natural rubber sole.”[/caption]

From a consumer product perspective, we can’t recommend Po-Zu enough. They check all the categories of what one would look for in a high quality shoe. But what are consumers saying? Majority of consumers to have purchased a pair of Po-Zu shoes would agree. Of the 795 consumer reviews currently available, the brand has a 5 star (out of 5) rating. Elsewhere, such as on Amazon, we see a 4 (out of 5) rating. On Facebook, where more reviews are collecting, the brand has so far received a consumer rating of 4.8 out of 5.

In a future review, when more consumer opinion is available, we’ll be sure to include them. But for now, the trends seem clear.

Ethical comparison research

In terms of overall ethical rating, we already mentioned that Po-Zu scores a top ranking 92 ECI to go along with their favorable consumer reviews. From an ethical standpoint, the brand is as safe as it gets. From a consumer perspective – in terms of quality and design and overall product satisfaction – the average consumer review score is also very high, meaning you can trust that what you’re purchasing is worth the price.

On that point, one last note might be made on price. It could be a concern for some – or at least a point of note – but we recommend that you constantly check their website, as the brand is known to launch regular sales. Additionally, is it not, as Farr noted in her review linked above, worth it “to buy one fabulous, ethically produced pair of boots and enjoy wearing them for years”?

With an overall review score of 92 /100, you should definitely consider a pair of Po-Zu shoes for your next purchase.

* To obtain a census view of and average product score for Po-Zu footwear, we assessed a spread of products reviews published via the links above.

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